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Product Description

- Wavelength of Monochromatic Light :525nm572nm 610 nm660nm.

- Test Speed : 240 samples/hour15second/strip).

- Sampling method: Direct dispensing on strip pads.

- Test items:UBG,BIL,KET,BLD,PRO,NIT,LEU,GLU,SG,PH,VITAMINC,MALB(turbidity,colour).

- Aspiration volume: Less than 2.0ML.

- On board sample capacity: 50 samples or 60 samples*.

- Screen: 5.7inch lcd touch screen.

- Language: English,Magyar,Polski,Russian,Portuguese,Spainsh,Italian.

- Others: SG with refractometer, Turbidity with Turbidimeter, Color analysis with color sensor.

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